Congratulations on your wedding plans!

We would love to help you design & plan your special day!

At COJ Events we specialize in helping create experiences for you and your guests that you will cherish forever! We do this through our design expertise, our organizational skills and our joyful approach to managing the details for you!

Expect our approach to event planning to be a little bit different. Everything we touch is handled with care through a fun and effective planning process. We promise to cherish your event, to listen and support you, and to cheer you on as you transition to the next chapter.

Our event planning services are for you if...

You want an Event Designer with a great sense of style and the ability to read your brain and curate your ideas to craft the perfect experience. Someone who knows exactly where to source those special elements and who can bring in the best vendors to execute the vision!

You want a Planning Partner who has your back throughout the entire process of planning your wedding and will weave magic into the experience! Someone who will help you express what you really want for this very special event even if you don't have it all figured out!

You want a Vendor Expert who knows the good, the better, and the best vendors in every category and will help develop the perfect team for your wedding. Someone with strong vendor relationships to get the best performance from each of them and maybe even a few extras!

You want a Tech Queen with process management tools and talents to create schedules,  manage to-do lists, organize vendors, and to keep you on track throughout the planning process. Someone who knows Google Docs, CAD, spreadsheets, and their way around a good search!You want an

and if...

You want a Budget Babe who knows numbers and what things could cost, and will help you navigate the process of creating a perfect and flexible budget for your entire weekend.  Someone who will manage the numbers and help keep the money process on track with deposits and final payments.

You want a Foodie who understands catering and will help you navigate the food and beverage decisions for all of your events. Someone who understands venue staffing and timing and will track the venue team for the best execution possible.  

You want a Destination wedding specialist who knows the ins and outs of booking hotels and managing guest movement. Someone who understands the unique elements necessary to create a fantastic guest experience over multiple days.

You want a Spirit Chic who knows the vibe of various wedding ceremonial traditions and will help you craft the best expression of your individual traditions and faiths. Someone who has knowledge of blended traditions and the ability to partner with your chosen officiants OR train your friend or family member in crafting a perfect ceremony!

your investment

If this sounds like you - please contact us for a personalized consultation.

We don't have any set packages,
your planning proposal will be totally customized based on the size, scope and budget of your wedding.

We'll work together to figure out exactly what you need to have an amazing wedding day!

Are we the right team for you?

we sure hope so!

We'll be a great match if you are open to wild ideas, value creative exploration, have an open mind, and can put trust in the process.
As a policy, we only work with kind people that understand that wedding planning is a journey, not an immediate destination.

Our clientele is eclectic, aspire to present events meant to inspire, and have good hearts.
We love getting to know the people we work with, so if you're hoping for a quick and impersonal event planning experience, we're not the right team for you (although we're happy to point you in the right direction.)

Our design process is tech-heavy and always transparent. We value client accessibility to our work, which means you'll be able to peruse online documents, resources, shared task apps, and relevant social media. You can choose to be as involved in the process as you like, or let us work our magic behind the scenes.

do we feel like a good match?
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